"Integrated security solutions are possible with our Smart Vision and Flex Auto-Control product families."

Ayvos develops technological solutions for border security needs and wide area surveillance requirements.

Through the custom developed software and hardware system, borders and wide areas can be traced easily without human effort.

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Smart Vision

Flex Auto-Control

Smart Vision >> Ayvos Mobile System M101

M101 Features
* Detect any motion at 500 meters at night and 1500 meters at day   * 360 degree rotation available on PTZ
* Automatic motion detect and tracing of moving object   * Automatic focus with 20X Optical Zoom
* Supports remote control with built in Wi-Fi   * IP based access (TCP / UDP)
* No need of extra lighting through laser technology   * Threat detection and snapshot archive capability
* Dust and water proof (IP67)   * Triggering alarm at threat detection
* Optional integration layer with any software systems   * Shock absorbing unit under platform for car installation

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Smart Vision >> Ayvos Fixed System S101

S101 Features
* All M101 Features   * Special design for strong winds

The model S101 can trace a wide area through installation at a fixed position. Automatic mode feature can trace and watch areas at 7/24. When a motion is detected on camera video, visual and sound alarm is triggered and the threat is followed on screen.

With the manual mode feature, operator can control the platform. Snapshot of detected motion is saved on platform and with high range Wi-Fi antennas, S101 can be operated remotely in 2 km. range.

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Smart Vision >> Ayvos Advanced Fixed System S202

S202 Features
* All S101 Features   * Detect any motion at 1350 meters at night and 3000 meters at day

The model S202 has classification ability so detected threat is classified whether it is human, vehicle or animal. This feature gives more power to system owner about applying the right decision to protect the area.

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Flex Auto-Control >> Ayvos Control Station K101

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Flex Auto-Control >> Ayvos Auto-Tracking Software GETS

Ayvos implemented auto-tracking software which is integrated with their own developed camera systems. GETS detects and trace the threats at outdoor environment through processing the video stream. It tries to understand the threat type (human, vehicle, animal) and generates alarms when detect it. When the threat is classified, the central alarm monitoring system is ignored by GETS.

GETS Features

*Platform & Camera Control Controlling of moveable and viewer system from a single screen
*Motion Detection Detecting any movement from the video image of a wide area
*Motion Tracking Drawing the moving object on screen and tracing through platform movement
*Auto Focus Applying optical zoom with tele or wide mode automatically for detailed analysis when too much motion detected
*Smart Detail Analysis Recognizing the moving object if it is a human or vehicle or animal
*Alarm Generation Automatic snapshot recording at any movement or human detection, ignoring with visual sign and sound alert
*Preset Position Defining 220 unique platform position status
*Smart Watchdog Mode Programmable different 4 trace route plans that each of them can contain 27 steps from the set of preset positions
*Scheduling Continuing automatic watchdog through indicating the scheduler day of weeks, start & finish hours and period at minute rate
*Video Recording Infinite or motion based video recording
*Archive Tracing Examining JPEG and AVI files through year > month > day > hour > minute folder hierarchy
*Dynamic Disc Management Disc capacity management with maximum saving archive file count or maximum archive day count
*Flex Architecture Parametric structure, easy integration with 3rd party systems, low CPU and memory consumption, Windows & Linux compatibility, reboot mode, factory reset mode

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Flex Auto-Control >> GETS Submodule - Mobile Punishment System ANPR Mobile

ANPR Mobile Features

*Plate Recognition Fast plate number optical analysis with support of M101 product
*Extra Proof Snapshot Ability to add extra proof snapshots of the vehicle
*Order Management Managing the snapshot records from local database and changing the status of records
*Log & Note Mechanism Logging of any change on records and ability to take notes on any record
*Flex WS/FTP Integration Informing any centralized billing system automatically wt. scheduler understructure
*Fast Query & Tracing Efficient searching database wt. date, status criterias on a paging mechanism and time based folder hierarchy for a quick search of plate snapshots
*Report Generation PDF generation of records at single or batch mode

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