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Make Your Business More Efficent
Our unique platform watch your business with the deep leraning algorithms and let you analyze of improvement points
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Boost Your Sales
Grab your customers' insights with our AI based platform to convert visitors to customers
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Prevent Work Accidents
Protect your business and workers from harmfull work accident by our comprehensive OHS platform
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Watch Your Assests
Ensure all your assets secure from any threat by smarten your CCTV cameras


Scalability is every aspect of our solution to ensure our clients can scale full location coverage to every business.


Our AI can be deployed in public spaces and retail stores in any country, as it complies with the world's most stringent personal data regulations.


We build our products using a privacy-by-design approach - our unique insights are not only incredibly powerful, they are also 100% anonymous.

AYVOS develops value-added software solutions based on deep learning

Smarten your mounted CCTV cameras

Our deep learning based unique platform enable to connect and smarten your CCTV cameras

High Accurate Face Detection and Recognition

Ayvos has a unique platform with the well developed AI based Deep Learning models to detect faces and recognize individuals even %100 accuracy.