We try to make their life eaiser, for blind people by detenting objects, colors etc. with audio description via mobile app.


At Pandora Project, We are detecting Algida products taken by consumers at 100 sell points with real time. By this we can generate auto-order to prevent stock outs and ensure digitilization of order processes.


We are providing different analysis with more than 2.500 CCTV cameras for İstanbul Metropolitan Muncipalty; Visitor analytics, Autopark density and operational analytics, Subway Wagon Density Analysis etc.


We protect 60% of Turkey Forests at over 4000 cameras by detecting any violation. Crime rates are diminished by effects of our solution


We are providing OHS violation analysis with 18 CCTV cameras for Organic Chemistery to prevent work accidents; Pedestrian way violation detection, PPE usage control etc.


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